The Farm

Coiano, at 1500 feet of altitude, is a small sunny plateau on the fresh wooded slopes of Monte Morello, which overlook Florence from the North. Although not far the city, Coiano remains a quiet, secluded, naturally protected place, much as it must have been 2000 years ago when the Romans farmed the same land.

Our farming has been done organically since 1986 when we started cultivating the land again, after it had lain fallow for more than thirty years.

We produce heirloom varieties of fruit, honey, vegetables and naturally cured meats such as salami and prosciutto. Our main activity is raising "cinta senese": Sienese belted pigs. This is an ancient Tuscan breed of pig that was risking extinction.

These animals, which thrive in large open spaces, roam freely in our amply fenced oak woods. Recently we have added the large white "Calvaninia" breed of cows, another ancient breed from this area which was risking extinction. We also have sheep, chickens, two friendly dogs, cats, and peacocks!